Meet Lorenzo and his family in Italy!

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Meet Lorenzo and his family in Italy!

Lorenzo is 16 years old and has MLC1. We found out about the disease when he was 8 months old; following the macrocephaly, we did the MRI with which MLC was diagnosed.

Despite the condition, Lorenzo developed the ability to speak very early and in a very clear and precise way. On the other hand, the development of postural passages and all the motor activities was delayed. Thanks to physiotherapy and neuro psychomotor skills, however, he learned to walk independently at about 20 months. Around the age of 3, following two falls, his motor skills began to regress; he needed the help of an adult to walk. Subsequently, Lorenzo started relying on the support of a walker. When he was 8 he fell again hitting his head. Following the crash, Lorenzo required help and support with even the smallest daily activities such as drinking and eating. At the age of 10 he started using the wheelchair, further limiting his standing movements.

Beyond his illness, Lorenzo is a wonderful boy, very sweet, sunny, cheerful, sociable and witty. He has an amazing memory; he can remember nursery rhymes and songs that he sang as a child. He loves music and can quickly memorize the lyrics of the songs he likes. He is very curious and attentive; he always wants to know the meaning of the words he doesn’t know and understand the why of things. His curiosity helps him a lot in academic performance. Lorenzo follows a focused program at school, but is always very interested in lessons, new discoveries and loves to be rewarded with excellent grades. He also loves the pool and any water activity.

Lorenzo’s condition is very demanding from a psychological and physical point of view. But he is a very special boy and his joy compensates us for all the effort. His sweetness and his way of endearing  anyone who knows him, and being his mom and dad makes us really proud of him.

Photo: Lorenzo with his father, Alessio. 


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